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Welcome to our blog.  Who writes these blog posts?  Here are all our blog personalities:

Mama Rika  – Writer of Family Happenings

Mama Rika relates “how to” helps about family life and tells of tales about the family.

Chef Maki – Worker of Kitchen Magic

Chef Maki may not take very good pictures, but she knows about food and cooking and such!  She will give you tips and tricks on how to make meals more quickly, easily, healthily, etc.  She also is creating several classes to help you in your kitchen!  On the blog, you may find simple recipes like these…
Mexican Maters                                Pizza

Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise — Sharer of Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise can help you in your educational pursuits by sharing their successful and not so successful experiences.   

Mow-gLee — Promoter of All Monkey Business

Mow-gLee enlightens blog readers about all things silly, funny and crazy.

Makiavelli — The Creator

Makiavelli is the creative one.  Wherever you see creativity blossoming on this website, you can be sure Makiavelli has had a hand in it.

Ms. Cellaneous — The Random Sampler

Yes, you guessed it, Ms. Cellaneous writes about miscellaneous happenings that don’t seem to fit into any other category.

Sport Maki — Sports Newscaster

Sport Maki will be the one who lets you all know of anything related to the category of sports.  It may be a blurb about one of our favorite sports (Ultimate Frisbee) or an upcoming event put on by CompleteLee.

Marika Lee — The Musician

Marika Lee posts will all be about music.  This may be updates about latest songs written, cool music facts, Scripture Story & Song Sundays, online music courses available, etc.  Email musical queries to

Marika Lee CD's

Kevin — The Golfer 

This guy will tell you everything you need to know about golf.

A long time ago, I started CompleteLee Blog for the purpose of allowing others to share a part of our life. Our life includes our faith, the antics of our family of ten, our way of schooling and raising kids, our methods of household management, our thoughts on nutrition, our musical attractions, our offerings on various sports & other random tidbits.  This new blog will carry on with similar themes.  There’s not currently a lot of content on this new blog, so you can certainly go to the old blog,, to read past blog posts.

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