Catacomb Craziness~~Ms. Wise & Otherwise

My living room turned into a catacomb as the kids studied about the Christians that hid from the Roman soldiers. A view from inside.

Best seat in the house!

Or perhaps this one is the best. I know they enjoyed doing all their schoolwork in the catacombs. I let them leave it up for a while.Peanut was not happy when I made him take down the large catacomb tent in the living room after about 3 days. Seriously? Don’t we need our living room for other purposes???

As soon as he took down the catacomb tents in the living room, I let him set up a more elaborate one in his bedroom. He used blankets and sheets and books and rope and strings and buckets and all sorts of things to secure it. It encompassed the entire bedroom.

He has slept on the floor for about a month since he has tent support beams in the middle of his bed. But, whatever makes him happy. Lol

Now, however, that one had to come down too. Gotta make room for his brother’s return from college for the summer.

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