Free Family Home Evening Plans

  1. Avoiding Evil
  2. Baptism
  3. Believe
  4. Book of Mormon Battles
  5. Easter Lesson
  6. Feast Upon the Word Cookies
  7. Fortifying Families
  8. I Can Strengthen My Faith Game
  9. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer
  10. Judging-Love One Another-Looking for good
  11. Lehis Dream
  12. Masterpiece Makers
  13. Missionary Dollar Store FHE
  14. Missionary Preparation–I’ll Be a Missionary
  15. Murmuring Fussing Complaining
  16. Music is a Part of Joy
  17. Obedience is Rewarded
  18. Obedience to Parents
  19. Organize Yourselves
  20. Organized Home
  21. Organized Kingdom of the Lord
  22. Out of Place Bingo
  23. Peace Be Still
  24. Plan of Salvation Chart
  25. Pray for these things
  26. Prayer is Like a Sandwich
  27. Prayer
  28. Putting Good things in our Minds
  29. Repentance
  30. Scripture Study and Obedience
  31. Service FHE Ideas
  32. Take My Yoke Upon You
  33. The Godhead- a return and report fhe

For More FHE Ideas…

Family Devotionals

These can be used for FHE lessons or in place of regular scripture study.

Picture Book List

Search for a topic you want to teach the family about using the search feature on the table.  You can also peruse the topics column and choose a topic from there.  Then, use the picture book as a starting point for your FHE lesson.  Read the story, discuss the principles, act out the story, do an activity based on the characters in the story, eat a treat based on a food found in the story, sing a song that has something to do with the story, decide on an act of service you could do together related to the story…