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Thanks for being interested in learning more about us.  Our family consists of Dad, Mom and 8 children with a 20 year gap between youngest and oldest.  We have also acquired some lovely daughters-in-law and grandchildren have started to arrive too.  Wahoo!

While not a single one of our family members is perfect, there isn't anything our family loves better than spending time together.  Here at CompleteLee Family, we seek to provide practical helps for families and individuals on life's journey!

We hope that by sharing bits and pieces of our life with you on this website that you will be able to learn from our successes and "growing experiences" and thereby get ideas to help yourself and your family. This website will be ever changing since we will be continually adding new resources with which to enrich family life.  Browse around and make yourself at home.  We are happy to have you visiting with us today.

Why CompleteLee?  As fate would have it, Dad and Mom were given the exact same middle name by our parents and we incorporated that into our company name.  (Because many have asked, the answer is "Yes, Lee is even spelled the same for both of us.")   CompleteLee has more than one meaning.  Not only does it mean completely, as in "everything", but it also signifies the "whole" as in "unity".  Put CompleteLee together with Family and you get a company that is all about fortifying families in every area possible.

What's a family?  It could be a traditional family made up of Dad, Mom and kids.  It could be a single parent family.  It could be Grandma and grandchild.  It could be foster parents trying to help many kids from all walks of life.  It could be a huge collection of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, children, great-grandparents, 8th cousins thrice removed.  It could be a pair of siblings trying to make their way in the world.  It could be lots of different combinations.  It could even be extended to include people you are not technically related to that you just want to welcome to your family.

Our family is home to a bunch of sports nuts, with favorite sports including Ultimate, Volleyball and Golf.  We are also lovers of cartoons, books, jokes and movie quoting.  Most of us do not eat chocolate and most of us love pickles.  We believe in learning for life and various children of  ours have participated in home, public, private, co-op and charter schools before entering college and/or studying more on their own.  Our family can be kind of goofy and silly, but we have times of very serious discussion.  We all love music although some of us have spent more time honing instrumental skills than others.

Dad thinks he is very clever when he says about Mom, "She likes to cook and I like to eat, so it is a win-win situation." Mom would rather the statement read, "She likes to cook and I like to clean up, so it is a win-win situation."  Dad is always up for trying to draw a laugh out of others.  Mom has a more subtle humor that comes out when least expected.  The little ones want Mom when they have an injury, hunger or some other need.  They assume that Dad is willing to fix broken toys and that he will be available to play games at any moment in time.

So that's just a little bit about us.  We hope you will let us get to know you  a little bit too by commenting on our Facebook  page and blog.

Welcome to the family!

CompleteLee Family Mission Statement:

The mission of CompleteLee Family is to strengthen all the elements of a family and to help individuals enjoy life's journey by providing wholesome resources and activities with which to learn and grow and by highlighting pathways to seek truths wherever truths may be found.