Countdown to the Olympics!

  1. I made up a fun Olympic Games Booklet for CompleteLee Learning.  Check it out.  {And I wish I had all these items listed  in our own CompleteLee store, but I don’t yet.  In the meantime, you can get it at this link.}  
Make an Olympic Games Booklet

2.  I also made this Country Report Starter that Princess actually kind of enjoyed doing. LOL  I think that you can get this product for free on CurrClick if you find it with a torch symbol somewhere on the site.  If you find it, let me know because I can’t find it with the torch!  I do know that there are people finding it though, because my sales report tells me I have a ton of free downloads happening on this product!

Make an Olympic Games Booklet

3.  This product is not part of the Olympics sales, but is also a recent addition.  Make a Music Study Booklet.

Make a Music Study Booklet

4. This non Olympics product is also a recent addition.  Documenting Science Experiments gives you several different templates of ways to put down on paper what you did and learned in a science experiment.

Documenting Science Experiments

There are lots of activities to do for the Olympics on your own or with your kids.  Also you can find the extra freebies for fun!

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