Don’t wait until baby is born to start preparing for parenthood.  Get prepared for that first step right now

Childbirth: Preparing for the Miracle

This eBook was written hoping to offer help to those who have not had wonderful birth experiences and to help first time mothers have positive birth experiences.

This is a spiritual book. Birth is a spiritual thing. Nowhere is God’s love more evident than in a newborn babe. You don’t have to believe the widespread notion that displays birth as a horrid, painful experience that we must endure in martyr-like fashion. Birth, the taking part in a new life coming to earth, is a wondrous and beautiful event.

Because this book gives a very simple outlook on how your body works during labor and delivery, you’ll know precisely what to expect! It includes practical advice that really works on what to do mentally to prepare before and during labor, and how to make the overall birth experience a spiritual one.

Within the book you will also find nursing tips and the birth stories of all seven of the author’s children.

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What’s important? 
We can begin showing our love for our little ones even before they are born by preparing for the miracle of childbirth.  Each little soul that comes to this earth is so very precious.  Before a baby is even born, there are things that parents can do, including praying, eating healthy food, preparing themselves spiritually, etc.

As I began my journey to motherhood, I decided to educate myself about pregnancy and childbirth.  I read numerous books on the subjects. I prayed.  I pondered.

One of the things I thought a lot about was whether or not the kind of birth we see in movies is any where near accurate.  Every movie or television show I had ever watched portrayed  a screaming and often angry mother-to-be who appeared to be completely tortured.  I had also heard several birth stories from individuals that didn’t sound too much different from the movies.  These scenarios just didn’t mesh in my mind with the idea of a loving God.

Over the years, through more study and my own personal birth experiences,  I came to the conclusion that there are few spiritual experiences that can have any comparison to the miracle of childbirth.  I have come to know that with Heavenly help, a mother-to-be can be peaceful and calm and not terror stricken or filled with agonizing pain.

There are lots of resources one can study and I would recommend reading a lot of different types of books.  I chose to read books by medical doctors, midwives and others.  I read books about female anatomy.  I read about visualization.  I read the scriptures and pondered over what the words were really saying. In addition to reading, I talked to many, many people about their birth experiences.  I also tried out the things I learned along the way.

As the years went by, I wrote a book (see section above) to compile all the things I felt were of most importance.  It tells what I learned about how to have the best birth experience possible, things to help during pregnancy and more.  The stories of the births of most of my children are included in the book.  (My eighth story is a book for another day.)

Here are a few books I have read, from which I have gotten some good information.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything in these books, but I definitely got something out of each of them.