We are fighting a battle every day, so it makes sense to refill our tanks and check up on our arsenal of weapons and resupply ammunition every day.  The main battle most of us are fighting involves things going on in our minds, rather than being engaged on a military war front.  Fortify yourself every day!  Always remember who you really are!

Use the drop down menu Family-Individual-Daily Inspiration, or quick links below, to find things you can use every day to help you.  Also check out our Fireside, Self-Help and Training & Challenges pages for even more tools.

Helpful Ideas–This page is full of ideas proven to help you help yourself to stay or get into a positive frame of mind.  Remind  yourself continually of who you really are.  Sometimes one of these ideas is just the exact right thing to help.  There are general ideas, people connection ideas and service ideas.

Music Helps–Here you will find a listing of upbeat, uplifting music as well as music quotes.

Scripture Helps–A great list of scriptures that remind us of who we truly are can be found on this page.  There’s also other helpful scripture ideas.

Quotes/Thoughts–On this page there are lots of amazing quotes, thoughts and articles.  Just read them, or print some out and hang in strategic locations throughout the house.  Change them out periodically to keep your eyes drawn to different ones.

Video Helps–Click on this link to find inspiring videos.

Return to these pages often for additional renewal.  New content will be added periodically.

Great Books for Daily Inspirational Reading

(more will be added)

7 Habits of Highly Effective People–An overall good book to show things we can look at in ourselves so that we can be aware of something we might want to do better.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens–Totally recommend this for teens.  It’s on my must read list for my teens.

The Hiding Place–If you need help trying to see the good around you, this book might be the one you want to read next.  One of my favorite WWII stories.

Joni–This incredible woman learned to live a full, wonderful life after a tragic accident.

Living, Loving, & Learning–Lots of feel good thoughts to ponder in this book.

The Magic of Believing–The name kind of says it all.  Sometimes we just need to work on our believing skills.

The Peacegiver–This book uses a story to teach about how to take full advantage of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The Power of Positive Thinking–The title of this one speaks for itself as well.

Unbroken–I included the Young Adult version of this story because I liked the fact that it leaves out some of the language and other things prevalent in the non YA version.  It is a powerful, inspiring story that can make one find more strength in ones own life.

To Him that Believeth–Amazing miraculous stories within this book.  Also I love the graphic that helps you to see when you are on the Lord’s side of the line and when you need to adjust your thinking.