General Ideas

1. READ:  Read your very own Patriarchal Blessing

2. PONDER THIS:  Think if we treated physical wounds in the same manner we sometimes treat internal, emotional, spiritual wounds.  Picture this scene:

  • You have some sort of accident that results in a severe injury--a large, deep gash on the leg.
  •  You begin to blame yourself, even berating yourself and telling yourself you don't deserve any good thing or you don't deserve for the leg to be healed.
  • You refuse medical treatment
  • You put dirt and other foreign material in the wound.
  • You poke, prod and pull on the wound and make it larger and more painful.
  • You keep walking around and putting more and more pressure on the wound.
  • You also start focusing on other physical ailments you have and try to make them worse as well until you make your entire body pretty miserable so you can't notice that you have any good physical aspects remaining.

​In reality, when we get a physical wound, we generally take that as a sign that we need to do something about it, whether that is a simple cleaning and a bandage or a trip to the emergency room. Also in reality, the Lord wants us to do the same thing when we have a spiritual wound.  He wants us to take what action we can to make it better, not cause ourselves further harm.  He knew before He sent us to the earth that we would have spiritual wounds and that is why the atonement is part of the plan so that we can have needed healing.   The atonement can help our spiritual wounds with things akin to needing a simple cleaning and a bandage or that trip to the emergency room.

3. MOTTO:  Make a family or individual motto to repeat to yourself regularly.  Make up your own or adapt one of the "I am a Warrior" quotes found on this PAGE.

Our Family Motto:  “We will work consistently towards achieving inspiring, noble and righteous goals that fire our imaginations and create excitement in our hearts as we focus on becoming the son or daughter our Heavenly Father wants us to be.”    Adapted from:  "I urge you to examine your life. Determine where you are and what you need to do to be the kind of person you want to be. Create inspiring, noble, and righteous goals that fire your imagination and create excitement in your heart. And then keep your eye on them. Work consistently towards achieving them."  Joseph B. Wirthlin

4. FINANCES: How to Help Yourself Financially  (from Providing in the Lord's Way Nov. 2011 Ensign)  Use your resources and follow the plan to gain the promise.

RESOURCES:                                                                                                        THE PLAN

Personal Prayer                                                                                                    Counsel together
God-given talents & abilities                                                                              Use all resources available
Assets of family                                                                                                    Seek the inspiration of the Holy Ghost
Community resources                                                                                         Ask the Lord for confirmation
Support of Priesthood & Relief Society                                                              Roll up sleeves & go to work

THE PROMISE = follow plan, receive specific guidance as to the who, what, when, and where of providing in the Lord’s way.

5.  PIPPI PRINCIPLE:  If you have ever read the story of Pippi Longstocking, you know that she was a young girl who lived by herself.  If she needed to be told to do anything, it was up to herself to instruct herself and even give herself consequences since there was no parent or guardian to do so.  In the story, she comes off quite well in all she needed to do.  And so can you!

Remember the “Pippi” Principle—you take charge!!


 If desired, put a copy of the following in a place you will see it frequently.  When you find yourself in the midst of a trying challenge, review the six bulleted points under the heading "When in difficulty".   Use those phrases to help get yourself back on track.  Review the "To prevent problems section" regularly to help keep yourself thinking in a positive manner.

When in difficulty:

  • Never lose faith
  • Seek inspiration
  • Seek counsel
  • Ask for help/prayers/blessings
  • Take advantage of resources available
  • Believe in miracles whether soon or late

To prevent problems:

  • Watch for stress indicators (do something about it before it becomes full blown)
  • Be aware of your triggers (determine a good response you could use in certain situations)
  • Get enough rest
  • Give your body real food
  • Slow down (do not take upon yourself too many things)
  • Take time for things that bring joy
  • Some of the above ideas come from this talk.


Get a large piece of poster board.  Cut a large circle out of it.  In the center of the circle put a picture of something that symbolizes to you, the most important thing to focus on in this life.  I have a picture of Christ welcoming with open arms those who come to Him.  This helps me remember that things of an eternal nature are what matters most.

Next, tape images of things that you would like to focus on all around your center photo.  These pictures can be of things to help your remember goals you are working towards or pictures of things that you would like to attain for some purpose.  Here are some ideas:

  • A picture that shows someone serving refugees...because you want to go and do this consistently once a month for a year.
  • A piggy bank with $5000 written on it...because of your desire to have that much in your savings account.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo book...because you want to read the whole really, really long thing!
  • Egyptian pyramids...because it would be so cool to one day see those things in person since you have studied a bunch about ancient Egypt and you just love it.
  • A picture of your sister...because you want to strengthen that relationship by doing something special with her once a month every month this year.
  • Someone pondering...because spending 5 minutes each day for a month is something that you want to try to see if you get more clarity in your life.
  • A pretty quilt...because you have all that fabric you really want to use to make a quilt for your friend who is struggling.  Maybe you even invite her to help you do it.
  • A lovely, new couch...because you want somewhere comfortable and beautiful to enjoy time with your family and friends.

Put your focus circle up somewhere that you will see it frequently.  Additionally, take some purposeful time each day to take a look at your circle.  Think about the reason why you would like the things represented by each picture.  You don't have to spend a lot of time.  Even a minute or two is better than nothing.  You don't even have to look at every picture!

Be willing to act on inspiration toward getting/achieving any of those things.  Then, when you have received or achieved something, do so with lots of gratitude.  After this, remove the picture and keep it in a binder.

Put something new up on your focus circle.  If needed, ask for ideas of things you could put up.  You can pray about this and/or ask a trusted family member or friend.  Whatever you feel good about, put it up.

Over time, you will accumulate a binder full of things that are good reminders to you that you are good at believing, doing and achieving.   It is good to keep a record, even a picture record.   Some things will take you a long time.  Some will go faster than you thought.  Just keep trying!  You can do great things!

People Connections 

God uses people to help each other.  He wants us to have strong connections with others.  It is easier to remember who we really are when we do not close ourselves off from one of our greatest resources.  If we are feeling lonely and alienated, it is easier to start listening to those negative voices that want our attention.  We would be wise to always be working on our people connections so that we truly feel like we have people to reach out to when times are tough.  Here are some very fast and mostly easy people connection ideas.  In particular, when feeling down, use all the will you can muster and force yourself to do something rather than nothing. And then do it again and again.  God will use others to help you and you to help others.

  • Invite someone to play a board game with you
  • Send an inspirational quote to someone you know (text, email, letter, Facebook message...)
  • Ask someone to take a short walk around the neighborhood with you
  • Take baked goods to someone
  • Make a phone call, even just starting the conversation with, "I was just thinking about you and I thought I would let you know I appreciate having you in my life
  • Compliment the cashier at the grocery about his/her service or appearance
  • Introduce yourself to someone at church
  • Purposefully share your best smile with several people as you go throughout your day
  • Ask someone where they are from, what their favorite leisure activities are, how they wound up living where they currently do, what their favorite book is...
  • Invite someone to join you for lunch at your house or at a restaurant
  • At places you go to regularly, choose a new spot to sit and say hello to those around you
  • Ask a librarian for a book recommendation. This can start an interesting conversation.
  • Introduce someone you know to someone else you know
  • Say hello to someone in the grocery store, along the sidewalk, at a restaurant or anywhere you see people.  Most people will respond with a nice hello back and a smile.
  • Tell a family member or friend that you have half an hour or an hour and you want to use it helping them with something (do the dishes, make cookies, anything really)
  • If someone asks for a volunteer at church, be that volunteer
  • Gather some things you don't need and donate to a shelter or some other place.  Have an interaction with someone as you serve.
  • Choose to babysit for someone
  • Give something to a homeless person.  This can be something as simple as a granola bar.
  • Invite someone to watch a movie with you
  • Ask someone to join you in making a craft item of some sort
  • Interact with us on our Facebook page
  • Let us know of your suggestions.

Service Ideas

BEING a resource for someone else can be very uplifting.  Serving others can lift one's own burdens. Service can take only 30 seconds, or it can be something that requires a much longer time commitment. There is something everyone can do, no matter how little spare time they have.

Just Serve in Your Own Community  Ever heard of microvolunteering?  This site helps people find ways that they can serve even in their pajamas with tasks ranging from 1 to 30 minutes for causes around the world. Service  Use this site to find ways to serve that take anywhere from 5 minutes to full time.  Click on links offering Full Time, Part Time and Spare Time opportunites .   This site gives a listing of a lot of sites that you can go to to find ways to serve.