You are creating a masterpiece of your life!

Challenges…these can either be things that defeat us or they can be things that strengthen us.  These can be self-imposed, imposed by others or are a life circumstance/experience/hardship.

When you want to use challenges to strengthen yourself…call it training!   Need some ideas on how to train yourself to craft of your life the incredible masterpiece that God already knows you to be capable of?

Using your challenges as training: 

In the hardships that life throws your way, there are learning opportunities.  You can choose to focus continually on the hardship or you can choose to focus on finding lessons and discovering ways to live in joy and gratitude despite the hardship.  *Note: There are absolutely times for mourning, weeping and healing.  These are important and need to occur and there is no set time frame for how long or how much or how often. Sometimes these things don’t occur all at once, sometimes they happen in waves. 

Ideas for using your challenges as training:

  • Use all resources you know of to remember who you are–this gives you strength to handle your challenge
  • Ask yourself questions to ponder
    • What lessons can I learn?
    • Am I thinking correctly about the problem?  (For example, watch this video.)  Sometimes it helps to get another person’s perspective.
    • Is there anything I can study to help myself?
    • Are there things I need to let go?
  • Write thoughts, feelings and ideas in a journal.
  • Reach out to others
    • Strengthen relationships
    • Serve
  • Observe nature, be out in nature often
  • Exercise, breathe deeply,
  • Organize something
  • Create a gratitude list  

When challenges are just downright difficult…may we suggest looking to the following:

  • Daily Inspiration pages–these pages help you to remember who you really are and what is truly important in life.  These pages can be a source of help whether you are struggling with financial, physical, emotional or other issues.  When you remember who you are and what is truly important in life, you are better able to find answers to problems and have a better perspective on life overall.
  • Self-Help Resources–Check here for links to professional helps for large problems such as suicide, addictions, grief and more.
  • Scripture Immersion–Study, learn, and find answers and helps to all of life’s problems through the scriptures.  Couple scripture study with sincere prayer and heartfelt pondering for best results.

Creating your own training challenges: 

Your own training challenge are where you choose to push yourself to do some things that strengthen you in some way.  These can be called goals, 30-day challenges, Training Missions or some other term you want to call them.  They can take years to do or be completed in a day.  The common thread is that they all get you doing something that strengthens you and something that is out of your ordinary daily rut.

Training Missions strengthen by empowering you to easily see what you are capable of.  They make you believe you can do things outside your comfort zone.  They get your mind infused with new ideas.  They fill you with positive emotions.

Here are some of our favorite Training Missions:

*A word of caution…there is no “fail” in training missions.  If you embark upon a training mission, you always can get some good out of it.  If you do not fully complete your mission, focus on the good that you did do.  If you meant to get to 30 but you got to 15 instead, congratulate yourself on doing 15!  Then challenge yourself to beat your previous accomplishment.  Keep going until you complete the original goal or until you determine that a new mission is in order.  Maybe it takes you what seems to be forever to do it, but where will you be if you don’t even start?  You certainly won’t get to 15 or even 1 if you don’t begin.  Do not negate the good you are doing by focusing on what didn’t happen.  Focus instead on what did!