Welcome to the family…

What do we really mean by this tagline?  Well, we are welcoming you, our guests, into our home here on the web.  When people visit us at the physical structure in which we live, we want them to truly feel welcomed and uplifted by the members of our family. Such is what we also hope you will feel here at our web home.

Our family happens to be made up of the two of us, our eight children, some daughters-in-law and a growing number of grandchildren.  We have been married to one another for well over two decades and are biological parents to all our children.   We realize that not every family has the same dynamics as ours.  However, we feel that the basic principles of what can work well for “traditional” families like ours can also work for single parent families, families with step parents, grandparents as parents, families that have cousins as siblings and other family make-ups.  We love and know many successful single parent families and successful families that have varying family blends.

​We hope you will feel quite at home here.  Have a look around, help yourself to some freebies, relax, put your feet up, stay as long as you like.  If you feel like having a little closer interaction with us, try checking out our Facebook page, commenting on our blog or sending us a note on our contact page.

The Successful Family

Here are 8 tenets of successful families:

  1. Each member of the family is of great worth.
  2. The family is anchored through strong shared beliefs.
  3. The family shares a common goal as to what is desired from life.
  4. The father and the mother have a marriage based in love.
  5. Children are provided for and taught well.
  6. Family member roles are clearly defined yet also shared.
  7. The family works together.
  8. The family plays together.

Below is some additional information to help strengthen the whole family.  This information draws from the above tenets.


 The Little Red Hen taught her little chicks to work along side her as we should do in our families.  The lazy barnyard animals learned a hard lesson–they didn’t earn the reward.  *Link to a free online version of the story.  I personally like the version that shows the little red hen engaging her little chicks in the work more.  This version doesn’t really show that, but the story is cute anyway.  

  • Working together promotes the success of the family.
  • A sense of togetherness can be achieved when doing a job as a family, especially when there is pride in a job well done.
  • Sharing ideas on how to best accomplish a task can yield a better result.  Better methods of doing things can often come from the children rather than the parents.
  • When families work together, they can best utilize the strengths of each member and also join in helping each other with any weaknesses.
  • Coordination and communication skills are strengthened.
  • In working together, children are learning by their parent’s example:

How to work with others

How to resolve conflicts

What kind of attitude one should have toward work

The importance of doing your best


Need to know some ways to serve together locally?  Click HERE.


A family that plays together, stays together.  (Or so the saying goes.)

  • Playing brings out the smiles, the giggles, the laughter, the memorable moments, the unexplainable-to-outsiders happenings, etc.
  • Play gives many “remember when” stories to reminisce over at get togethers.
  • Play brings a great release from stress and pressures family members may be enduring.
  • There’s no age limits in participating in fun.
  • The 21 year old can play with the 2 year old.
  • Mom and Dad can be the goofiest of them all.
  • Sporting events can be attended and participated in so that there are many stories to share with the rest of the family.
  • Dress-ups are fun.
  • Creating things is fun.
  • Sharing is fun.

Want to know some of the best board game type games to play that can include the WHOLE family and the strategies on how to make it happen?  Click HERE.

VIDEO CALL IDEAS (For when you can’t be together.)

Dinner Time

Having regular family dinners together is something we believe to be a necessity.  This is a subject to be passionate about.  Check out our Dinner Table page for lots more info on this.

Family Home Evening

What is Family Home Evening?  It is setting aside one night each week that is reserved for family time.  The family time can include playing games, singing together, praying together, having lessons on the important things of life and/or enjoying an outing.

This is a top priority item.  Having Family Home Evening on the same night each week gives the consistency needed to hold this spot sacred.  Don’t let things mess with this time!

We have a whole page dedicated to possible Family Home Evening lessons and activities that we have done.  Check it out.