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Here you will find educational products for sale as well as homeschool helps and hints.  What subjects?  Literature, Writing,  Music, Preschool, Science, History and more.  More to come on this page.

Mom Helps:

Prioritizing Planner:  This planner is NOT a daily schedule or calendar type of planner although it does have a few parts to it that could be used in that fashion.  This planner IS more about focusing on top priorities in life.  This is an interactive PDF, meaning that you can fill it out at your computer but you also have the option to print out the pages and put them in a binder to hand write on them. I have used variations of this method to get myself to refocus on things that are important to me. I thought someone else might find it valuable as well. It is a simple planner that helps channel my thoughts. I don’t have rigid rules about how it must be used.  I have found it immensely helpful to have a place to corral the all the disorder of pressing duties, desires, responsibilities, etc. that are a part of my sometimes chaotic life. I have proven the effectiveness of this planning method to myself on numerous occasions and maybe it will be so for you as well.

Included in this 50+ page planner:

  • Priority planning pages
  • Examples
  • Weekly schedule for the kids
  • Food planners
  • Thorough house cleaning plans
  • Chore chart for nonreaders
  • And More


Free Tips & Tricks

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