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Every person on planet earth is a unique, wonderful and interesting human being with incredible potential for good!  This is something that should never be forgotten.   We are very excited to have a page on our website devoted to building up the individual.  

How easy it is to forget who we really are.  The world wants to drag us down.  Well meaning and not so well meaning people say things and do things that hurt us.   Those little voices in our heads that try to tear apart all the dreams we have and the talents we are trying to improve grow more fierce with each passing day.  

We want to help you to always remember what a fantastic person you are, so we hope you will take advantage of all the awesome resources we have found to help you to remember who you really are.  

You have talents, skills and abilities unique to you!   Do you see yourself in any of these?  

The Angel

The Actor

The Daughter, The Mom

The Inventor

The Beach Lover

The Baseball Player

If you can remember who you are, you will be a powerful force for good in this world .  You are needed!  

Check out our Individual Page now.   You’ll find helps in these categories and more:

People Connections
Self Help Resources

These are things that you can return to again and again when you need reminders.  

Do you want to get a look at the unique individuals that are our children?  This hilarious book will whet your appetite.  

Out of the Mouths of Babes…A Little Book of Sunshine
 Parents teach their children about life, but sometimes it is the other way around.  Children can say some very funny things through which we can learn many great lessons.  This book is chock full of humorous anecdotes.  Explore life lessons learned through the eyes of a child.
Hardcopy ($12.95)

Digital Version ($5.00) Use button below

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