Mama Rika’s “Cleaning Game” Fun for All the Family

Tired of nagging? Want to do something a little different? I invented this fun game that the kids actually didn’t complain about and it made a difference in the state of the house. I call it Out of Place Bingo.

To play, each person is given a Bingo sheet and a pen/pencil. When you say go, everyone goes around the house and finds the items that are mentioned on the sheet and put them away. As soon as you find an item and put it away in the proper place, you can put an X in that square. You can play it where you just have to do one line like Bingo, or do Blackout as well. Blackout means that the first person to X all the squares is the winner. The winner gets to pick the first slice of pie, or some other little treat or prize.

When we played, if you got a Bingo, you yelled it out so we could tell who was getting close to Blackout. It was fun to watch everyone scurrying about the house cleaning as fast as possible! I even had hubby cleaning. We’ll definitely be playing this game again!

Here is a link to the Out of Place Bingo game sheets. {You can also find a lot of our other publications, like books, games, music, articles, etc.) on the same site. Look around, you might find something else of interest.} If some of the items on the game sheet are not applicable to your household, feel free to write in something that is! Let me know how it goes for you. And, if you have any great ideas on how to disguise the act of cleaning, please comment. I am always looking for such ideas!!

And, here is your daily nagging…Did you do your Fit for 5 yet today??

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