Mama Rika’s Funny Little Boys

Funny 1:  I was talking with the little boys about the concept of everything wanting to return to chaos and not wanting to stay in order.  As an example, we talked about how if the boys never did any cleaning up of their toys in the play room, it would get more and more chaotic, aka messy.  I explained how this was true of every room in the house.  At this, the 7 y/o felt the need to interject, “Except for your room, Mom.”

At this, I couldn’t hold in a laugh and let him know that this was actually due to the fact that I make my bed every day and I throw my laundry into the laundry baskets instead of on the floor and etc.  I asked him what he supposed would happen if I never did the laundry.  I think he wound up getting the concept.  lol

Funny 2: The other day at dinner time, we were discussing used items.  I said that I drew the line at purchasing used toilets and used underwear.  The 10 y/o agreed, “Oh yeah!  I would rather just wear tight shorts so they didn’t fall down.”  The over age 15 crowd at the table roared with laughter at this pronouncement and had difficulty controlling residual snickers for several minutes.  The 10 y/o laughed at us laughing.  The 7 y/o couldn’t figure out why anyone was laughing.

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