Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise Learn Something

St. Patrik’s Day was upon us. Here’s Princess, all decked out in her greenest of greens. As a family we had different places to go, things to do. I met up with Kevin to swap some kids–he staying away, I, heading home. When we were nearly home, Peanut asked if we could stop for a little while at the “double-decker” park. I figured I could spare a half an hour, so we went.
It was there at the park that I discovered I didn’t have my house key. It was there that I also discovered that I had more than half an hour to spare. Missing a house key made it so that I had lots of time to spare. I couldn’t get home to rush in and do all those really important things that couldn’t wait. Instead of getting home and getting busy, I spent time having my legs encased in cool sand by two smiling blondies. It actually felt quite nice. 🙂I “wasted” several pictures trying to get Chubby to stay still and look at me for more than .0000025 seconds. Here’s one of those failures. (Or maybe not a failure–see that precious little footsie?)Chubby was completely opposed to putting his feet down into the sand, so he stayed on the bench with me when he couldn’t coerce Peanut into taking him down more slides. Eventually I was able to capture this picture as he studied the grains of sand on his fingers.

I watched Princess & Peanut carve extensive roadways across the playground.

I breathed fresh air. I enjoyed a cool breeze. I relished the scene placed before me in nature–the blue, blue sky, the flowers, the trees. I also admired climbing skills.
Between keeping sand out of Chubby’s mouth and watching the antics of the other two, I pondered things that needed pondering. It was peaceful. It was nice. I learned that I actually did have time for the really important things and that the really important things didn’t have anything to do with my “to do” list waiting for me at home. (And who says I can’t make St. Patrik’s Day dinner & cookies today instead anyway?)

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  1. Wow, definitely food for thought! How many times do I say, “I’ll help you in a minute” when I’m just on the computer or trying to read one more page… It pays to look at the world through a child’s eyes sometimes!

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