Hymn & Scripture Study Stories

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Stories Behind Marika Lee Songs

More stories will be forthcoming.  Some of the songs have links to click on for the story.  If the story is super short, it is on this page and not a separate link.

  1. 1 John 4:14–All the scripture songs have been written as an attempt to help my kids and myself memorize scriptures.
  2. 2 Nephi 4:15
  3. 2 Nephi 25:26—
  4. A Broken Bow— This solo tells the story of Nephi’s broken bow.
  5. A Mother’s Thoughts—
  6. A Prayer for Joy –SSA
  7. A Prayer for Joy
  8. Acts 1:11
  9. Adam Ondi Ahman—BBS
  10. Alleluia—a one word song
  11. Amos 3:7
  12. Angels Round About Us
  13. Angel Hymn Medley SSA + S or T,
  14. Angel Hymn Medley—SSATB
  15. Battle Hymn of the Republic—TB
  16. Brightly Beams/Israel Israel
  17. Butterflies—
  18. Chaos on the Farm—
  19. Christmas Today—
  20. Chiropractic
  21. Come Follow Me—Primer piano—
  22. Come Into My Arms
  23. Come to Him Again
  24. Communication—SATB
  25. D&C 1;38—
  26. D&C 4:2—
  27. D&C 18: 15—
  28. D&C 42:7
  29. D&C 59:7
  30. D&C 68:27—
  31. D&C 88:119
  32. D&C 124:40—
  33. Day and a Night and a Day—
  34. Deck the Halls—Primer Piano
  35. Even or Odd
  36. Ever Faithful
  37. Faith of Our Fathers
  38. Faith of Our Fathers—Primer Piano
  39. Family Song
  40. Father’s Day Medley–
  41. Galatians 5:13—
  42. The Gift of a Child (Or God’s Gift of Children)—
  43. Grains, Fruits, Vegetables
  44. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen—
  45. Guide My Steps—
  46. He is Light—
  47. He’s the One –SAT
  48. He’s the One—SSA
  49. He’s Getting’ Old—
  50. He’s with Me—
  51. His Eyes
  52. His Love For Me
  53. I Am Your Brother
  54. I Believe (in America)—
  55. I Need the Lord, My Shepherd—TTBB+ accompaniment.
  56. I Need Thee Every Hour—Easy Choir
  57. I Need Thee Every Hour—harder solo choir
  58. I Need Thee Every Hour—low alto
  59. I Need Thee Every Hour—SA duet
  60. I Need Thee Every Hour—TA duet
  61. I Stand All Amazed—SA
  62. I Stand All Amazed–ST
  63. I Picture You
  64. I Saw Him There
  65. I Saw Three Ships—SA
  66. I Will Be There
  67. If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night
  68. If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night —Primer piano
  69. If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night with 2nd part
  70. I’ll Be Baptized–This song was written when I needed to explain in a simple way to my seven year old daughter what baptism was all about. The first verse talks about a simple testimony of Christ and the desire to serve Him and follow His example are reasons why one would want to be baptized. I added verse two many years later as I realized the song did not as yet address the concept of the Holy Ghost. Over the years, this song has been sung at all our family baptisms when permitted and we have grown to cherish it.
  71. I’ll Go—TTB
  72. I’m Climbing a Mountain—
  73. In the Quiet of the Morning—
  74. Is Not This Jesus
  75. It Might Take a Minute—
  76. It Starts with a Desire—
  77. Isaiah 29:14
  78. It Was Night
  79. Jesus is Calling—About a little girl telling her Daddy a story.
  80. Jesus Savior Pilot Me Story—SA duet
  81. Jingle Bells—Primer piano
  82. Job 19:25—
  83. John 3:5
  84. John 3:16
  85. John 14:6
  86. Joy to the World & Come All Ye Saints—SA
  87. Joy to the World—BBS
  88. Just Before the Dawn/ Columbus—
  89. Just Like a Lifeboat—
  90. The Lamanites—
  91. Let Go, Let God—
  92. Like Never Before
  93. Little Miracles—
  94. The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare—vocal solo, female,
  95. The Lord’s Great Army—
  96. The Lost Sheep—
  97. Matthew 5:16
  98. Matthew 16:19
  99. Mark 11:24—
  100. Missionary Medley—
  101. The Months of the Year
  102. Mosiah 2:17
  103. Mosiah 4:13
  104. My Mother, My Sister, My Friend—several verses. handwritten
  105. O Come All Ye Faithful—Primer piano
  106. O Come, O Come Emmanuel—TTBB
  107. O Come, O Come Emmanuel—Super simple men’s solo version.
  108. O Holy Night—Simple piano arrangement.
  109. O Little Town of Bethlehem—SATB
  110. Oh, Confucius Say
  111. One Tiny Cloud
  112. Our Elect Legacy—
  113. The Path I Take– I thought about how to teach my children to understand about keeping covenants and what is the purpose thereof. First I give them something to reference that they already understand, then I can compare that thing to a principle of the gospel. For this song, I showcase the idea of being able to always know our way back home by following a designated route or path. It is always a choice whether we want to take that path and head back home where we are comfortable and loved. We can see how this applies to being a covenant keeping people, when we think about wanting to be able to return back to our eternal home with our Father in Heaven. The covenant path is clear and leads us to where we want to be.
  114. The Planets
  115. Prayer Medley—Piano solo,
  116. Proclamation Paragraph One
  117. Proclamation Paragraph Two
  118. Proclamation Paragraph Three a
  119. Proclamation Paragraph Three b
  120. Proclamation Paragraph Four
  121. Proclamation Paragraph Five
  122. Proclamation Paragraph Six
  123. Proclamation Paragraph Seven a
  124. Proclamation Paragraph Seven b
  125. Proclamation Paragraph Eight
  126. Proclamation Paragraph Nine
  127. The Prodigal—
  128. Psalms 82:6
  129. The Purple Dress—
  130. Reach Beyond the Sky—
  131. Remember—
  132. Silent Night—Primer piano
  133. Silent Night—SA + Children
  134. Silent Night SATB
  135. Silly Silly Santa
  136. Small and Simple Means—
  137. Soft and Sweet
  138. The Spirit of God—SATB,
  139. The Spirit of God—easy/medium piano solo.
  140. Sunshine Medley—
  141. Starting Over Again
  142. Sweet Hour of Prayer—
  143. Take Mommy to the Temple, Daddy—
  144. Thank You
  145. The Ten Commandments—
  146. This House Divine—
  147. This is My Holy Place—
  148. This is Who I Am—
  149. There’s Music in Everything—
  150. Three Thousand Sons—story of Falaka Fattah
  151. Together in Unity—Tribal Song—
  152. Tribal Song—Piano Version
  153. We Three Kings—Primer piano
  154. We Three Kings—TTB
  155. What If
  156. What’s Wrong’s Still Wrong
  157. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks—SATB
  158. With Wondering Awe—BBS
  159. Year’s Supply
  160. Ye Have Done It Unto Me—SSASA
  161. Ye Have Done It Unto Me—SSATB