Name that Book from Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise

I want to know what book first comes to mind when you see this picture of Chubby in his desired attire. I’ll tell you what I thought later. I just wanted to see if anyone else comes up with the same answer. 🙂

Did you do your Fit for 5 today?

10 thoughts on “Name that Book from Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise”

  1. Go, Dog. Go!

    “Do you like my hat?” “No, I do not like your hat.”

    That’s one of my favorites! I always want to say it’s a Dr. Seuss, because it’s a very similar writing style!

  2. Loved all the ideas. My 11 year old and I both thought of the book “Caps for Sale”, in which a peddler wears his wares atop his head. The peddler settles in for a nap beneath a tree where monkeys help themselves to all his caps. The astonished peddler awakens to find no hats upon his head.

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